27 settembre 2011

Domenico Zungri vince a "Naples 2.0"

Domenico Zungri ha partecipato a un Techweekend e alla Techweek della Start Cup Calabria 2011.
Oggi è è vincitore della competizione internazionale su social innovation “Naples 2.0“, Challenge 4:

"Creating a sustainable business model for a non-profit organisation that works with school dropouts"


The Initiative:

The competition was promoted by Euclid Network, sponsored by Unicredit Foundation, and received proposals from 37 countries worldwide.

The Challenge:

Maestri di Strada is a non profit organisation that operates in the field of education and focuses on marginalised populations and young people. Its aim is to reduce the school drop out rate in schools where it exceeds 30%. The challenge is to create an innovative and financially sustainable business model for Maestri di Strada.

Domenico Zungri's Proposal:

Naples Interactive Lab is a project about engaging dropouts through Immersive Interactive Technologies, by providing them with first, basic training, and the objective of a concrete production output within the first year of activity. Kids will be stimulated and empowered with an authorial, technical and critical perspective about the same digital media they consume in everyday life, and after a proper, more extensive training, these young people will then have the opportunity to be hired as part of the Interactive Lab Institute’s workforce, with the mission to pass both their professional knowledge and their personal life experience of ‘former dropouts’ to younger generations. At the end of the first year, the dropouts will be able to develop an holographic attraction dedicated to Naples, which will be installed in the historical center of the city, with a 'Freemium' business model'.

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